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Timing Is Everything With Online Poker

Internet poker can be an emotional experience. Given enough time, everyone receives their share of monster starting hands. You must be disciplined to wait. It's sad how many weak players finally get a good starting hand and blow it. Look at pocket kings in a NL holdem game.

Kings are one of the best starting hands you can receive. You decide to raise the blinds by five times and you get one caller. The flop produces another king and you move all in. Your opponent does not call you and you profit a few dollars. Fifteen hands later you get pocket aces and you push all in.

no one calls you and all you do is take the blinds down. Hours later, and you get KK again. You are a little over zealous and you push all in.

this time you get two callers. Your opponents aren't scared of you. To your excitement, 2 people call you. You are up against AQ suited and TT. You have the best hand pre-flop and you wait to see what happens.

It's flop time and it comes TQA. Oops, you just got nailed You are not ecstatic. The turn and river do nothing for your hand. Your bankroll has just taken a huge hit and you have lost almost your entire stack. "Online poker is rigged", you scream to yourself. Well not necessarily.

Your poor play is what got you into this trouble. You played your first two great starting hands with mild aggression and got called one time. You played your third hand very aggressively and got two callers. This reason this play wasn't so great is because of pure math.

You didn't get enough action on your first two monsters. You definitely didn't get paid off. You attempted to get paid off on your 3rd great starting hand, but it didn't pan out. You could have waited to see the flop before you pushed, but your lack of patience got the best of you. Don't get me wrong, KK is a great hand and has good odds of winning. But, there is no guarantee.

It is your responsibility to clear the filed a little and get a lot of drawing hands out the way, but it's also your responsibility to know your players calling limits and pushing limits. The worst thing KK can encounter is an ace on the flop. It happened, and you had two other callers in the pot. If you see you two caller making big bets in front of you post-flop, you can walk away from the hand a little easier. Computer software has analyzed millions of online poker hands and their outcomes. The results show very clearly that the outcomes fit within random expected outcomes.

The outcomes were so close, that you would think online poker is randomly, unrandom. If you have a 1 in3 chance of making your hand, it's best to usually not chase unless you have a lot of callers in the pot to justify the odds. If you have had several hands miss in the past, the odds are in your favor to hit, and a semi-bluff is usually the best play. Keep practicing and you can and will only get better.

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Timing Is Everything With Online Poker - Internet poker can be an emotional experience.