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The Joys Of Owning A HDTV

There is only one way to play video games now days and that is playing them on a HDTV.  Whatever people have told you, what ever your friends, family, or co-workers have told you HD is the only way to go.  Ok you might just happen to be an individual that has never seen something in HD and that is alright your not alone. Just about everyone in the United States has heard of HD but really don't understand what it is.


A simple way to explain it is that the resolution of the picture is greatly improved.  Improved? One may ask, well yes that is just it. So you should go out right now and see for your self. Now back to video games on a HDTV. For starters the picture is much clearer.  When it is not in HD the picture has what looks like to be a fuzz effect going on with it.

Now if you are one of those people that have never seen HD then you will not notice it and would have to look for it. But if you do have a HDTV and play your video games on it normally you will in fact notice a significant difference the quality of picture.

Not only that, if you were to play a video game that you play often in HD and then switched it over to standard definition it would be enough to make your self sick.

Also it is a great excuse for you to go out and buy a HD DVD player.  That way you can start buying HD movies and when you see an ad on TV about a movie and it says also comes in HD you can go out and buy it. The only down side to buying HD movies is the increase in price of the movie. You can usually get a normal DVD at around twenty dollars, for a HD movie you will be spending up wards to around thirty dollars.

Although that might be a lot for just one movie, HD movies come with an extreme amount of content compared to just a normal DVD. On every HD DVD there are just about all the extras for that movie that you possibly could want.

  If you want behind the scenes or interviews with the cast of the movie they are all there. I have personally only seen a couple of HD DVDs my self one being Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End which was a great movie, but I know for a fact that all HD DVDs have all of the content I have just said. 

It is kind of like a guarantee when buying a HD DVD player.  Not only do you get an amazing improvement in the quality of the picture but you get all of the in depth coverage of the movie it self.

  I would say to all gamers or movie lovers that enjoys watching TV in general and is looking for a better experience save yourself the pain of standard definition and buy a HDTV.


John Wilkerson, an aspiring 16 year old writer.
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