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Texas Holdem Poker Starting Hands

Many first-time Poker players think that when the river card flops down, that's where you win or lose the hand. But, that's just no so. No, winning or losing the hand begins with your first two cards. In fact, many losing poker players could turn around their fortunes just by playing their first two cards better. Poker is full of all sorts of things you need to learn, but learning how to play your starting hand is perhaps the most important.

Unless you're on the blinds, you get a free look at your possibility for the hand. Your first two cards and the action before you determines if it's time to jump in or bail out. Over the rest of this article, I'll present some random hands to help you better understand what types of starting hands are good to play and when.

If you're new to game, there's one word I want you to learn-tight. Your play should be very tight. Starting Hand: AA or KK This is a great hand to get. You're already a leg up on the other players most of the time. Generally, you want to hit the pot strong. More experienced players will sometimes "bait" opponents into the pot, but new players should always raise or re-raise with this hand.

Starting Hand: AK - Big Slick Suited or not, this is another good hand to get into the action with. As with the AA or KK, don't limp into the pot unless you know what you're doing. Come strong or don't come at all.

Raise or re-raise with this hand. Starting Hand: Ace and any other non-face. It never fails.

A new poker player sees an Ace is his or her hand and immediately jumps into the hand. Wrong. Just because you have an Ace doesn't mean your hand is worth a hill of beans-unless you're playing head-to-head poker.

As with any hand, there are times when any two cards could work. New players should be very cautious with Ace hands. If the other card is low and non-suited, it's best to dump the hand. The mistake new poker players make is anteing up to see the flop. Doesn't seem like much, but this act will cost you a lot of money and in the end, you'll be a loser for it. The margin between profiting and losing in poker is razor thin.

Don't pay to see flops unless you have a good hand. Remember, smart play starts from the moment you sit down (virtually or in real life) at the poker table. Use every chip, every move wisely.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!


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