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Special Barbaras Valentine Bee

Spend your Valentines Day with some of your very special friends by giving them a surprised Valentine party; so that you would always be remember in every 14th of February. "I wish I had lots of brothers and sisters to make valentines with me." Barbara pushed her braids back over her shoulders as she sat on the floor, her "valentine makings" spread out before her. "Next best to lots of brothers and sisters is lots of friends, Barbara," answered her mother. "How would you like to give a Valentine Bee?" "What's that?" Barbara was immediately interested.

"Well, it would be sort of a valentine party where you and your friends could make your valentines together." Plans were immediately under way. Barbara made a fold of red construction paper and cut it heart shape. When it was opened up it read: Be my Valentine At my Valentine Bee Tuesday, February 14 At three P.

M. Barbara. Before the day of the party Barbara and her mother laid in a supply of valentine makings which consisted of several packages of red and white construction paper, a number of packages of lacy paper doilies, the small size, and some library paste. In addition she ransacked the attic for left-over lengths of wallpaper with floral designs.

She also cut out of old magazines a supply of cute dog and cat pictures. When the guests arrived they found these makings spread out on card tables arranged so that four children could work at each table. In addition to the makings each table was supplied with scissors and plenty of crayons. The children were soon at work.

Some pasted pictures on squares of red construction paper. Lacy frills cut from the paper doilies pasted around the picture made a pretty frame. One ambitious youngster drew a picture in the center of a red heart, and then made a lace frame stand out by pasting one end of a two-inch long narrow strip of cardboard to each side of her red heart. Then she made a couple of folds in the strip and pasted the other end to the lacy frame.

The completed valentines were lined up on the mantel and the children chose the prettiest, the funniest, the fanciest, and the cleverest. After this bit of quiet work the youngsters were glad for a lively game. Barbara divided the guests into two groups of equal number. The groups stood on opposite sides of the room. Barbara gave the first in each line an envelope containing three valentines, each of which bore a four-line verse. When Barbara gave the signal for the game to start, the leader at the head of the line took the valentines out of the envelope one by one, read them aloud, put them back in the envelope and handed the envelope to the next player.

As both lines read valentines aloud at the same time, the noise was hilarious. The first line to get the valentines read all the way down the line won the game.

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