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How To Win Your Perfect Russian Partner

A joyful surprise awaits any man that decides to seek a Russian soulmate,why? They are gorgeous and not just physically. So many share an optimism, a positive and dynamic attitude to their life and what they can achieve within it. They are smart, fun, quick witted, elegant, bright and beautiful.

What more could any man hope for? They are different and if you seriously hope to win the heart of your special lady, learn and understand the differences. Not only will it help you in your quest, it will actually strengthen your resolve to succeed in your quest, read on. Strange as it may seem, due to many varying circumstances Russian & Ukrainian women actually are different. Actually they are different in many very attractive and adorable ways and being aware of these differences, these distinctions can most certainly make your quest more successful, more certain. Why are they different and what are the differences? Because these countries were effectively closed to the rest of the world until relatively recently, these ladies have grown up and developed within systems devoid of foreign influences and this is very noticeable and in many ways attractive.

Here are some of the more notable differences. 1. It is fair to say that in general moral and family values are higher here than in many areas of the world. Equally these ladies are strongly and proudly feminine. 2.

Seeking the best education possible is for many the first priority and it is something taken very seriously. One of the many misconceptions we in the west shared was that the communist system contained nothing of value, that there was nothing we could learn, or benefit from. The education system is a good example. The education system available, particularly at university level is second to none and many highly qualified and talented people have come through this system.

In fact it seems to have contributed to a society of arguably way above average intelligence. 3. Having achieved their University diploma, or often during this period, thoughts of marriage and starting both a home and family begin to arise. It is said that Slavic women make the best partners and wives, why should this be? It stems from their cultural inheritence and the family values within which they have been brought up. From a young age they have been taught that a happy and cosy home, a loving and secure family base is the formula to a happy and successful life. It is because of this that they seem willing to go that extra mile, make that extra effort to sustain and support a loving relationship.

4. Another misconception is that they seek a man to lean upon, a man to provide all that they might need in their life. You will actually discover, much to the surprise of many men, that many of these ladies are not simply looking for a man to support them through life. No many would like to utilise either their qualification, or their intelligence to contribute in every way to their new family.

5. Another misconception is that these ladies are driven materially. Again this is in general not true. Although equally they will seek a partner that is financially secure. In general they share a strong sense of right and wrong, what is attractive and what is ugly.

Briefly the values they generally hold dear can be described as:- Kindness, honesty and generosity (of heart), a serious and responsible attitude, a sense of humour and a passion for life. So how can this information help you in finding your Russian soul mate? 1. Yes of course she wishes to know you find her beautiful, but she will equally want to feel that you are attracted to her in her entirety, mind, soul and heart, as well as body. They know they are beautiful and in general seek a partner that will love them for what they are and who they are, not simply for their beauty. 2. During the process of romancing one of these ladies many men are surprised to discover the depth of intelligence and intuition many of these ladies possess.

Equally her point of view, her perspective might well be very different to that which you are acustomed to. The refreshing clarity, validity and individuality of these viewpoints will be yet another pleasant surprise to each man in its own way. As confidence and trust develops, encourage her to reveal her hopes and dreams, discover her values and what she really believes to be important. 3.

Reassure her that you are established and financially secure within your home country. Bear in mind that she will be leaving all that she has known and all that she has grown up with and will need to feel really sure of your love and commitment to her. She will need to feel very confident of both your love and your ability to help her start a new life in a new country. 4. Would you be happy for her to either continue her career in her new country, or find a new way of using her intelligence in finding a new occupation? Whilst these ladies are open to a new life in a new country with her partner, remember this is a huge step she will be taking.

Engage with her, ask her what she hopes for in her new life, what goals she holds dearly and between you disscuss everything related to your new life together. From her point of view this will show her that you are both serious and that you care. It will be very reasuring for her. 5.

Be sensitive, if you have a huge house, car, or income let her discover it herself naturally. Contrary to many misconceptions in the West material status is not a preoccupation within these countries. No it is fair to say that human qualities are of far greater consideration in the assessment of the suitability of a possible future partner. Remember that whilst these ladies are not wealthy they are very rich in many deeper and very attractive and admirable qualities.

There are many beautiful and smart Russian and Ukrainian ladies genuinely searching for love and a serious relationship and with care, luck, patience and respect you can find your perfect partner.

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