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Fun for All in Family Party

You can have a great family picnic only if it is enjoyed by all the family members. Dont let your children have their own way of fun. Check out some of the most interesting games and fun suited for all ages of your family.

The player at whom this was thrown must name an animal living in the element called; or if the word "Fire" is called, there must be no response. If he fails to answer correctly before ten is counted; or if he mentions an animal that another player has already named, he must change places with the thrower. After this game the youngsters and oldsters as well are ready for a more active game. "Duck on Rock" is loads of fun to play out in the open.

Each player must have a bean bag, which is called his duck. A large rock or a stump is chosen as the duck rock and twenty-five feet from it a line is drawn. Each player throws his duck from this line.

The one whose duck falls nearest the rock becomes the first guard. He lays his duck on the rock and stands by it. The other players then stand behind the line and take turns in throwing their ducks at the duck on the rock, trying to knock it off. After each throw a player must recover his own duck and run home (back of the line). If he is tagged by the guard while trying to do this, he must change places with the guard.

The guard may tag him whenever he is in front of the line, unless he stands with his foot on his own duck where it fell. He may stand thus as long as he wishes, awaiting a chance to run home; but the moment he lifts his duck from the ground or takes his foot from it, he may be tagged. He is not allowed to lay his duck on the ground again after he has once lifted it to run. The guard must not tag any player unless his own duck is on the rock. If it has been knocked off, he must pick it up and replace it before he may chase anyone.

This replacing gives the thrower who knocked it off some time to recover his own duck and run home. As long as the guard's duck stays on the rock, several throwers may have to wait before they can try to recover their ducks. A player tagged by the guard must put his own duck on the rock and become guard. The one who is no longer guard must get his duck from the rock and run for the line as quickly as possible, because he can now be tagged as soon as the new duck is on the rock. If a duck falls very near the rock without knocking the guard's duck off, the guard may challenge its thrower by calling "Span!" This gives him time to measure with his hand the distance between the rock and that duck.

IŁ the distance is shown to be less than a span (the distance from the end of the thumb to the end of the little finger), the thrower must change places with the guard as if he had been tagged. "Duck on Rock" is especially good for family groups because it does not entail running great distances and even the most rotund can compete. Also strategy enters in to such an extent that adult strategy can often offset youthful agility. If your family is a musical one a nice way to end a picnic and to calm everyone down before starting home is to sing a group of songs around the camp fire. But if singing isn't your forte, perhaps your family would enjoy going "Shopping." As you may have read on page 198, a player who is the shopper walks around, stops before one of the group, and says, "I'm going to Denver.

What can I buy?" He then counts to ten. Before he finishes counting, the player before whom he is standing must name three objects that begin with "D" (as dolls, dresses, and daisies). If he fails, he must take the place of the shopper. Any city may be named.

However, the things to be bought must always begin with the same letter with which the name of the city begins. The purchases that pop into one's head might be a revealing study for some psychiatrist, so if there is one in your group you'd better sing songs instead. Many times the most staid member of the family will purchase the weirdest assortment of objects, much to everyone's amusement. I hope you enjoy your picnic.

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