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Brief Encounter to Bingo

In the gambling game of bingo, players have to mark off numbers on a ticket which are randomly called out. The player would win who has the ticket with the winning combination on. There are three rows and nine columns which contains fifteen numbers in a bingo ticket.

In the rows there are five numbers and four blank spaces where as the columns contains one, two or sometimes three numbers. The game is usually run by a caller whose function is to call out numbers and check the winner and their respective tickets. In the start of the game the caller usually announces the prizes for the game and asks for 'eyes down' which means the game is about to start. There are various techniques that could be used for getting the numbers such as by an electronic random number generator, drawing counters from a bag or drawing balls form a mechanical machine. The caller will shout out the number once the ball has been drawn.

He did this by some nickname for the number such as 'number 4, knock at the door'. At the time of calling the numbers, players usually mark the numbers on their tickets with a pen known as 'dabber'. Once all the numbers has been called out, the player with all the number in his card shouts out as 'House' or 'line' depending on the prize. His claims would then check by an official before handing over the prize.

In the game there are different types of winning combination such as 'line' where the player has five numbers in a horizontal line. Two lines is the combination where the player has two lines on the ticket along with a full house which covers all the fifteen numbers on the ticket. At the bingo venue the player has to first buy the books of tickets. In most of the cases players use one to six books at a time.

In some countries there are different sessions for different books. Some newer technologies are also used in the bingo games such as auto validating systems in order to check the winners claim. In the auto validating systems, there is a security code printed on the ticket which is read out to validate the claims. However, this is not used in smaller clubs and hence the winner has to manually check the tickets taking longer time. Bingo is one of the expanding and profitable business for which many companies compete to make money.

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