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Backgammon Rules That You Must Know

Backgammon has been the same for many years. Many people have been playing the game and taking the challenge of backgammon. The backgammon rules have not changed in the past years that it has become so popular. Backgammon rules are easy to follow and simple to catch on to.

The main idea of backgammon is to move all of the game pieces into his own home board and the eventually off the board. The first player with all the game pieces off the board is declared the winner of the game. The roll of the dice, when each player tosses it, will determine how many points the player is to move his game pieces.

A checker can be moved only to an open point. The numbers on the two dice are for two different moves. For example, if a player rolls a 4 and 3, then he can move one game piece four spaces and the other piece three spaces. The player always has the option to move one game piece seven spaces to an open point if that is what they want to do. When a player rolls a double, they play the numbers shown on the dice two times. The player must use both of the numbers when it is possible.

When only one number can be played, the player has to play that number. If neither on of the numbers can be moved, then that player looses his turn. If they roll two many numbers, then the player can move as many spaces as there is open. When it comes time for the end of the game, if the loser has got off at least one game piece, he loses only the value showing on the doubling cube. If the loser has not got any of the game pieces off the board, he is gammoned and loses two times the value of the doubling cube.

If the player who is determined the loser has not got any of the pieces off the board and still has a piece on the board, he is back gammoned, which mean they lose three times the value of the doubling dice. What a great thought if you are the winner. The rules may be overwhelming at first, however if you are new player to the game a smart idea would be to keep a copy of the rules on hand when you are playing the game. This way you can always refer back to them when you get stuck or are confused about a play.


William Smith lives in Florida with his wife and three cats. William writes frequently on many subjects that may be of interest to all. Discover all the joys and secrets of backgammon at Backgammon Rules


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